Area: Optimizely Product Recommendations
Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (Server-to-Server API)

Error codes

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Generic parsing errors

Error code Description


Malformed JSON or the mandatory elements are missing. The exception message includes complete information about the structural errors or JSON parsing errors.

Missing elements

The following list shows error codes for the mandatory elements missing per page type. The mandatory nature of these elements is conditional to the type property of the message. Therefore, these elements are marked as [Optional], but must be included for certain message types.

These error codes cover situations where elements were expected but not found, either because the element was missing, misspelled, or had a different type, structure, or incorrect child elements.

Error code Description
MalformedJson This is the generic parsing when there is malformed JSON or the mandatory elements (the ones not marked as optional) are missing. The exception message includes complete information about the structural or JSON parsing error.
MissingOrMalformedCategory No category element found.
MissingOrMalformedProduct No product element found.
MissingOrMalformedBasket No basket element found or malformed basket contents.
MissingOrMalformedOrderNo No orderNo element found.
MissingOrMalformedCurrency No currency element found.
MissingOrMalformedSubtotal No subtotal element found.
MissingOrMalformedShipping No shipping element found.
MissingOrMalformedTotal No total element found.

Business logic errors

The following error codes cover well-formed JSON constraints in the business logic, such as the product ID is not found in the database, or the values are not recognized as valid.

Error code Description
TypeNotRecognized Message type not recognized.
CategoryNotRecognized category value not recognized.
SiteNotRecognized site value not recognized.

lang value not recognized. Language code is not valid. See Language codes for the correct values to use.

RecContentNotRecognized recContent value not recognized. It should be either full or refCodeOnly.
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Last updated: Nov 06, 2017

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