Area: Optimizely Profile Store
Applies to versions: 1.3.0 and higher

Using Tracking.Core API with Profile Store

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This topic describes how to use the EPiServer.Tracking.Core API with Optimizely Profile Store, including installation and configuration of the tracking.

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Configure the API URLs and subscription keys:

<add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiBaseUrl" value="https://" ... >
<add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiSubscriptionKey" value="..." ... >
<add key="episerver:profiles.ProfileStoreTrackingEnabled" value="true" ... >
<add key="episerver:tracking.Enabled" value="true">
<add key="episerver:tracking.IgnoreDNT" value="true">

Note: See Do Not Track and Turn "Do not track" on or off for information about Do not Track (DNT)

Install EPiServer.Profiles.Client

  1. Install the EPiServer.Profiles.Client NuGet package from Optimizely NuGet source to your site by entering the following command at the Package manager prompt (PM>).
    install-package episerver.profiles.client
  2. In web.config, fill tracking baseUrl and subscriptionKey values in appsetting section.
    <add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiBaseUrl" value="ChangeThis" />
    <add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiSubscriptionKey" value="ChangeThis" />
  3. Set the following:
  4. Optionally, specify episerver:profiles.Scope = <default_scope_you_want_to_send>. The default Scope must be lowercase and cannot include special characters such as: + - _ \ / # < > ...
  5. Verify your tracking data in Insight UI.

Install EPiServer.Tracking.Core

Install the EPiServer.Tracking.Core NuGet package from the Optimizely NuGet source to your site.

Track data

See Tracking for more information how to track data.

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Last updated: Aug 29, 2018

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