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This topic explains how to create functionality for pagination (skip and take), for limiting the display of search results in Optimizely Search & Navigation.

How it works

By default, the number of returned documents is limited to 10,000 for a single search, which is the normal behavior for many search engines. Using pagination ("skip and take"), you can display a maximum of 10 pages, with a maximum of 1,000 documents per page by default.

Similar to LINQ, the Optimizely Search & Navigation .NET API has Skip and Take methods to bypass (Skip) the number of search results, and specify how many search results should be returned (Take).

Note: You cannot combine Skip and Take to retrieve more than 10,000 hits in a single search. For performance reasons, Optimizely Search & Navigation is not intended for retrieving all content from the database in real-time, with deep pagination. 

The maximum value that can be specified using the Take method is 1,000. In other words, Take(1001) or Take(int.MaxValue) throws an exception. If more than a thousand result items are needed, use multiple search requests.


The following example uses the Skip and Take methods for pagination.

string searchQuery = //From query string or similar
int page = //From query string or similar
int pageSize = 15;

    .Skip((page - 1)*pageSize)

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Last updated: Jun 01, 2021

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