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Breaking changes Commerce 8

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This document describes breaking API changes for EPiServer Commerce between this version (8.0) and the previous version (7.5).


No new license should be needed. However you might get an error similar to this depending on when your license file was generated:

Current version 8.x.x.x is newer than required version 7.9999.9999

If this happens you can request a new license file from license.episerver.com. Newly generated license files allows a wider version range.

New requirements

.NET Framework 4.5 required

From version 8, EPiServer Commerce requires that the project referencing it has a .NET Framework profile of 4.5 or higher.

Upgrading Commerce Manager

When upgrading Commerce Manager, ensure that you are using the latest verison of the Commerce Manager updater package.

Removed and obsoleted

Windows Workflow Foundation obsoleted

In .NET Framework 4.5, the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) API:s have been obsoleted. Parts of EPiServer Commerce still rely on these obsoleted API:s. You may get compiler warnings about this, especially if you compile your own custom workflow activities. The EPiServer Commerce functionality that relies on WF will be superseded in future upgrades.

Common.Logging is removed

From version 8, the dependency of Common.Logging has been removed from EPiServer.Commerce. Customers using Common.Logging for their own logging are advised to either change logging to log4net or reinstall the Common.Logging NuGet package after installing Commerce 8. If you chose not to use Common.Logging, you need to ensure that no Common.Logging assemblies remain in the bin folder of the site. You can also remove the Common.Logging section in web.config.


EPiServer Common Framework has been removed from Commerce's dependencies. Depending on whether you use functionality in Common Framework or not you will need to perform some manual steps. Refer to Removing dependency on Common Framework for more information.

Interfaces, classes and methods

Obsolete interfaces, classes and methods from EPiServer Commerce 7.0 or earlier releases, have been removed.

API changes


The API:se listed below have been removed in this release.

Related to the removal of the EPiServer.Common.Framework

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce

  • PageBase.CurrentCommonUser method.

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce.DynamicEntities

  • DynamicEntity, DynamicEntityHandler, DynamicEntityProvider, ProductEntity, and ProductEntityHandler classes.

Namespace EPiServer.Commerce.Extensions

  • CommentExtensions and UserExtensions classes.
  • HasAccessRights, HasRemoveAccessRights, IsAdmin, IsAdminOrOwner, GetUserProfile, ToSerializable extension methods.

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Services

  • Comment, RatingMessage, ProductRating, ProductComment, ProductCommentResult classes.
  • IMessage, IProductRating, IProductComment interfaces.
  • CommentEntityType enum.

Other removed API:s

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce

  • BinPath and SharedPath properties of the CommerceManagerSettings class.

Namespace EPiServer.Commerce.Catalog.WebServices

  • CatalogWebService is superseded by the new integration layer.

Namespace Mediachase.BusinessFoundation.Blob

  • SqlBlobStorageProvider.FullTextCatalog property.

Namespace Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog

  • ICatalogSystem.RebuildFullTextIndexes method.

Namespace Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Objects

  • Extension methods GetParentBundles, GetParentPackages, GetParentProducts and GetParentEntries for EntryContentBase/VariationContent have been moved to the namespace of the classes they apply to (EPiServer.Commerce.Catalog.ContentTypes).

Namespace Mediachase.Commerce.Shared

  • AdvancedFreeTextSearchPhrase and FreeTextSearchPhrase properties of the SearchParameter class.

Namespace Mediachase.MetaDataPlus

  • MetaDataContext.FullTextQueriesEnable property.

Namespace Mediachase.MetaDataPlus.Configurator

  • MetaField.SetAllowSearch method.

As mentioned above, several API:s that have been obsoleted since release 7 (R3) have also been removed.

Marked as obsolete

The API:s listed below have been deprecated in this release.

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce

  • CatalogHelper class.
  • EventServiceModule class.
  • ProductUpdatedEventArgs class.

Namespace EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Tags

  • All classes in this namespace have been obsoleted.

Namespace EPiServer.Commerce.Catalog.ContentTypes

  • IAssetContainer.LargeThumbnail property.

Namespace EPiServer.Commerce.Shell

  • PlugInArea class has been superseded by CommercePlugInArea.

Namespace Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Events

  • ICatalogEventListener interface.

Namespace Mediachase.MetaDataPlus

  • IMetaDataEventListener interface.

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Last updated: Oct 20, 2016

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