Area: Optimizely Commerce
Applies to versions: 9 and higher

New promotion system and upgrading options

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This topic describes approaches for installing and upgrading Episerver Commerce to use the new campaign and promotion functionality that was introduced with Episerver Commerce 9.19.

Installation and upgrading options

When upgrading from older versions to Commerce 9.19 or later, you have the option of using the new promotion system. This offers a wide range of benefits, from greatly improved user experience to improved performance and extensibility.

The new promotion system is not activated by default when upgrading an existing site, since existing promotions in the old system cannot be automatically migrated to the new one. Depending on the scenario, you have the options below.

  • Existing site - old promotions
    If you want to upgrade your Commerce solution, but continue to use the legacy promotion system, do not change anything. Your promotions will work as before the upgrade.

  • Existing site - new promotions
    If you want to use the new promotion system with an existing Commerce solution, upgrade to at least version 9.19, then enable the new promotion system (see below). Existing promotions need to be manually created in the new promotion system (see below).
  • New site - new promotions
    If you do a clean install of Commerce 9.19 or later, the new promotion system is enabled by default. In this case, you do not need to do anything-the new promotions are ready to use.

Enabling the new promotion system

When upgrading, you need to switch the underlying workflow system (used by the old promotion system) to the use activities that use the new promotion system. This is done through a config file setting, as described in Promotion engine

If you modified workflows with custom business logic, you need to port those changes to the new workflow activities.

Migrating existing promotions to the new system

Recreating existing promotions in the new system is mostly a manual process.

  1. Episerver Commerce includes a set of built-in promotion types. Start by going through and evaluating how your existing promotions map to the built-in promotion types in the new system.
  2. Re-create promotions that directly map to built-in promotion types. This is done from the Campaign user interface, as described in the Episerver user guide (see discounts).
  3. If an existing promotion does not map to a built-in promotion type (probably because you used the "Build your own" promotion type in the old system), you need to create a custom promotion type in the new promotion system.
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Last updated: Oct 20, 2016

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