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Forms 2 - Breaking changes

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Note: Episerver Forms is supported by MVC-based websites only.

This topic describes the breaking changes for Episerver Forms 2.0 in relation to the previous major version (1). To view the complete list of changes (marked with BREAKING in the title), see the release notes.

Some changes are binary breaking but do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project.

  • AFORM-455 Forms.DLL is now signed.
  • AFORM-540 Actor now can run sync/async with the submission process. With sync-Actor, developer can modify the response return to Visitor. See also Implementing a customized Actor.
  • AFORM-551 Autofill API
    • Introduce IAutofillProvider and AutofillService.
    • Change IFormElement.GetDefaultValue().
  • AFORM-472 The intention of RichTextWithPlaceholder is Recall field value in previous-step. With this new feature, RichTextWithPlaceholder element works like a normal XHTML block (even in the case where no placeholder exists).
  • AFORM-418 Progressive Profiling for Forms BETA.
  • AFORM-480 Built-in Submit Button now has Progressive Profiling feature.
  • AFORM-526 Option to not load the default style sheet  (EPiServerForms.css).

API changes


  • IFormElement interface has a new method: IFormElement.GetDefaultValue().
  • AFORM-533 IPostSubmissionActor interface has new properties to provide information about Field mapping to external system.
    • Actor can be sync/async
    • Only sync-actor can have/modify the ResponseBase object
    • If a third party developer uses PostSubmissionActorBase, their class is not affected.
  • AFORM-534 Feed API should be internal use only.
  • AFORM-541 Renamed IElementTittle to IElementTitle, (fixing a typographical error in naming).
  • AFORM-488 Refactored static functions of validation, moved to ValidationService.

Marked as obsolete

  • Method of FormsExtensions should be treated as Internal use only. They are helper functions, and are not critical to provide services to third-party developer.
  • Properties:
    • FieldMapping.Name
    • FormElement.Code
    • FormElement.AttributesString
    • IFormElement.Code
    • IFormElement.AttributesString
  • Methods:
    • ElementBlockBase.FindParentForm
    • FormsExtensions.GetSelectedDatasource
    • FormsExtensions.GetMatchedValidator
  • Types:
    • EPiServer.Forms.Core.FieldMapping
    • EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.DataSubmissionEngine
    • EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.FileSaveItem
    • EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.ProgressiveSubmitInfoService
    • EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.ProgressiveSubmitInfoService
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Last updated: Nov 02, 2016

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