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Applies to versions: 10

Breaking changes in EPiServer Find 10

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This page describes breaking changes for EPiServer Find 10 in relation to to previous version (9+), and the steps needed to update affected code. To view the complete list of Find 10 changes, see the release notes feed.

Breaking changes are changes in method signatures or the behavior of methods as compared to the previous version's documented API. These APIs are described below.

Note: Some changes, while binary breaking, do not require code changes -- only a recompilation of the project.

  • IEnumerable<UnifiedFile> GetPageFiles(this PageData page) extension method is removed from EPiServer.Find.Cms.ContentExtensions class because Unified File System is removed from EPiServer CMS 9.
  • In Find 10, fallback languages are used with Best Bets when applicable. ApplyBestBets<TResult> has new overloads that let you disable fallback languages for Best Bets, reverting the functionality to the Find 9 behavior.
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Last updated: Oct 20, 2016

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