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Release date: Jan 26, 2015

Note: See Download for the latest version of payment providers, tools and code samples for Episerver Commerce. Downloads here apply to versions 8.x. The installation information below applies to all versions.


  • Aug 14 2015 (workflow bug fix #128488)

About this download package

This source code package applies to Episerver Commerce versions 8 and higher. All of the examples require a working Episerver Commerce installation with version 8 and higher. The code package contains the items described below.

Note: After downloading the zip files and before extracting the files included, right-click on the zip file, select "Properties" and “Unblock” if needed. Make sure that the extracted files are all unblocked if you have problems compiling the solution.

Catalog indexer

Zip file" CatalogIndexer"

A catalog indexer code sample showing how to update the database in cases where a direct import to the database has been made.


  • Update connectionStrings.config, set EcfSqlConnection to your correct connection string, for example:
     <add name="EcfSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=database;Initial Catalog=dbEPiServerCommerceManager;User ID=user;Password=password;Application Name=EPiServerCommerceManager" />
  • Update the Debug/Bin/Configs/, set the key <Application defaultApplicationName> to your correct Application Name (as specified in EcfSqlConnection), for example:
    <Application defaultApplicationName="EPiServerCommerceManager">
  • Install the EPiServer.Commerce.Core package from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio, by executing the install-package episerver.commerce.core command.

Asset import tool

Zip file "EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Tools.ImportAsset"

The asset importer is used for importing digital assets such as images or videos into Episerver Commerce. It shows how the asset API:s can be used outside of a web application.

Solr search provider

Zip file "Mediachase.Search.Solr35SearchProvider"

This code package contains the source code for the Solr 3.5 search provider, and can be used as a reference when integrating with other search solutions.

Workflow samples

Zip file "Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow"

This code package includes the source code for the default workflows in Episerver Commerce, combining both workflows and activities into one package. The workflows can be customized to suite specific implementation needs.


Do the following to install the workflow source code:

  1. Open the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.csproj in Visual Studio. Make sure you save the solution in order to be able to install the NuGet packages.
  2. Install the EPiServer.Commerce.Core package by executing the following command in "Package Manager Console": "Install-Package EPiServer.Commerce.Core" (you might want to install the version that your website is using to avoid any possible assembly conflicts).

    Note: You do not need to apply any database transforms or remove Common Framework components.

  3. Remove the reference to the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.dll and Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.Activities.dll if these exist.
  4. Build the solution.

Important notices

  • In release 8.7, the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.Actitivities project was merged into the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow project. All types and namespaces were kept, but the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.Activitites.dll assembly is no longer used, and can be removed.
  • The Activities project has dependencies on EPiServer.Framework.dll, and therefore you need to remove the reference to the GAC assembly, and add a reference to the current version instead. You can do this by copying the files from the bin folder of the front-end site to the Library folder, and then reference it here.
  • From version 8.7, when creating a pre-order the start date (available form) must be in the future and the pre-order available date must be prior to the order date. Also, the in-stock quantity will be deducted.
  • Prior to release 8.7, a low stock report was generated when the inventory status was set to "Enabled" or "Ignored", and never for "Disabled".

    From release 8.7, the low stock report is only generated only when the inventory status is set to "Enabled", meaning that the inventory status is tracked. See Inventory requests for more information.

Web Helper project

Zip file "Mediachase.Commerce.Website"

Project with the source code for a number of helper classes that are commonly used when building e-commerce front-end sites with EPiServer Commerce.