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Episerver CMO 1.0                                                       Release date: October 29, 2009

Episerver CMO 1.0 is a tool that allows you to receive an instant answer on how your campaigns are performing and which landing pages deliver the best results. You don’t need any technical skills and can easily test and analyze the results yourself.

» Installation instructions
» System requirements

Licenses for Episerver CMO 1.0 are ordered in the same manner as other licensed Episerver products, through Episerver License Center.

Limitations and Issues in Episerver CMO

Problems Accessing Episerver CMO Report/Admin Pages

Performance on Episerver CMO may drop in conjunction with the graphics presentation on the CMO report pages. If this occurs, we recommend that you increase the memory on the server. If this occurs, we recommend that you increase the memory on the server from 3 to 5 GB.

Limitations in Landing Page Optimizer (LPO)

When the original page in a test has been selected in a page, the original page cannot be edited during the test. Editing the original page will create a new page version and the test will be "broken" and cannot be undone. Users will then have to create a new test. The broken test must however be archived or deleted first. Variations of the pages can be edited without creating new page versions. 

Limitations in Campaign Monitor (CM)

CM collects statistics from selected CMS pages in the campaign regardless of the pages language version using the Episerver CMS globalization functionality. A campaign cannot be created per language version when globalization is used on the website. Statistics will be collected from all language versions of a specific page combined in the same value.

Manual Installation of CMO for CMS 5 R1 SP3 and R2

Installation of Episerver CMO for EPiServer CMS 5 R1 SP3 and R2 must be done manually as an .msi intsaller is not available for these versions. (Installer is avalible for CMS5 R2 SP1 and R2SP2) Manual installation is more complex and need more knowledge to perform. If possible we recommend to upgrade CMS 5 to at least R2 SP1 where CMO installer is available.

Upgrading Episerver CMS

Upgrades of Episerver CMO 1.0 targeted for different versions of  Episerver CMS is not currently supported via an installer. Please contact Episerver Support if you are upgrading CMS 5 for instructions of how to upgrade the Episerver CMO installation.