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Release Notes - Episerver CMO 1.0 CTP

Product version:Episerver CMO 1.0 CTP

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Note: This is a CTP release and should not be used on production systems. The next release is currently under development and Episerver reserves the right to alter or delete any functionality mentioned herein. Not all of the functionality is included in this CTP.

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About Episerver CMO

With Episerver Campaign Monitor and Optimization (Episerver CMO) you can easily measure and monitor campaigns on your Web site and optimize your landing pages.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an intuitive, graphical dashboard that shows you in real time how your campaigns are performing. Campaign Monitor allows you to select which web pages you want to include in a campaign. You will monitor and get detailed information about the campaign pages through different functions.

Landing Page Optimizer

The fast, easy way to perform A/B testing of all landing pages to ensure the best possible conversion rates. Landing Page Optimizer, LPO, allows you to test the performance of different versions of a web page in Episerver CMS.

Known issues and limitations applicable to all Episerver CMS versions

Landing Page Optimzer:

Unaccurate test results when changing a page version. If a page that is included in a test has been changed and saved in edit mode, a new version of the page has been created. Then the following issues can appear:

  • If the changed page is a test variation version page then the test will still refer to the older version, not the edited version. 
  • If the changed page is the original page then the test will not collect information due to the fact that the older version that is included in the test will no longer be requested and viewed to visistors.  

Campaign Monitor:

  • Deleting the page leads to unaccurate campaign statisticsIf the user deletes a page that is included in an ongoing campaign, this will lead to unaccurate statistics for the campaign. This issue is due to the fact that the aggregated values for the ongoing campaign can not be updated correctly when the page is deleted.
  • Statistics are collected only when the EPiServerFriendlyUrlRewriteProvider or EPiServerIdentityUrlRewriteProvider is active because CMO module use the rewriter event.
  • The thumbnail service caches images sometimes even with refresh=true and GUIDs in parameter. The user will not be able to view updated thumbnails even if they choose the Refresh All button.
  • Aggregation service will only handle one Web site.

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