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Version: Episerver CMS Migration Tool RC1        Date: June 9, 2008

Episerver CMS Migration Tool RC1 is used to migrate Episerver CMS 4.62 sites to Episerver CMS 5 SP2. It is however VERY important to note that there are a large number of requirements that must be met before considering migrating to Episerver CMS 5 SP2.

» Read the Migration Tool technical note
» Read the Migration Tool FAQ

This is the Release Candidate 1 version of Episerver CMS Migration Tool and we appreciate that you report any issues found to Episerver Developer Support (requires partner access).


If the Episerver CMS 4.62 site to migrate uses the unified file system EPiServer.FileSystem.Mapping.PageDirectoryMapping, download the updated EPiServer.Legacy4.dll and deploy it to the source CMS 5SP2 site's /bin directory. Make sure that it also gets installed in the GAC. This can be done via drag-and-drop to C:\WINDOWS\assembly or by using the gacutil tool before starting migration.

Preparing for Migration

The following steps outline some of the steps involved when preparing an Episerver CMS 4 site for migration. More detailed information about all of these steps can be found in the Migration Tool technical note.

  • Upgrade CMS 4 site to Episerver CMS 4.62 and back up the database.
  • Install an unmodified CMS 5 SP2 site and the migration tool on the same machine as the sites.
  • Remove any custom tables added in the database with constraints towards any Episerver CMS tables.
  • Remove or convert any Form properties to XForm properties.
  • Exclude any file systems that you don't want to migrate.
  • Remove old page versions.