Version: Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 DIBS Payment Provider 
Release date:
May 2, 2012

About this Release

Episerver Commerce allows you to integrate with many different payment solutions. This download contains an integration with the DIBS payment provider, tailored to work with the Enoteca sample web site as delivered in Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2.

Refer to the DIBS Payment Provider Installation and User Guide for information on how to install and use the payment provider.

The installation requires a working Episerver Commerce site with the Enoteca sample templates installed. Download and install Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 and the Enoteca sample templates.

For more information on how to work with and extend Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2, please refer to the Episerver Commerce Developer Guide.