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Version: Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 Sample Templates                                
Release date:
 March 30, 2011

Note: If you have experienced problems when trying to compile the Enoteca sample site, uninstall the package, and download the sample package from here and re-install.

Note: Also that in order to get the Enoteca sample site properly installed, you need to have a working installation of Episerver Mail 5 R2. Refer to the Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 installation instructions for more information.

About this Release

This download provides the installation files and templates for the Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 "Enoteca"  sample site. The core files for Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2 are downloaded separately.

For more information on how to work with and extend Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP2, please refer to the Episerver Commerce Developer Guide.