Type: EPiServer.Fields.LongString

Vi har EPiserverFields på formatlinjalen ved redigeringsprogrammet. For at denne skal fungere sammen med høyremusemeny så har vi erstattet type fra xhtml-streng (> 255 tegn) med EPiServer.Fields.LongString. Noen ganger mister man funksjonaliteten som ligger i høyre musetast-meny i ulike sidemaler. Vi har kommet rundt det til nå ved at brukerne kjører en refresh eller 5..., men trenger en mer permanent fix som gjør dette stabilt. Raymond
Feb 01, 2005 11:12
This is the first time this error is reported so can you describe how the fault can be reproduced? What happens with the right-click menu, does it stop showing up or does it stop responding to what you have chosen?
Feb 15, 2005 16:13
It only give the user these alternatives: Undo Cut Copy Paste Delete Select All
Apr 08, 2005 13:40
That would be the IE standard context menu so it seems as if "our" context menu is never attached. I suspect that You also get a script-error (problably "document is null or not an object") on the page, although depending on browser configuration it may not popup an error message. If script errors occurs at any point during initialization, chances are that the script that hooks up the context menu wont be executed and hence your stuck with IE's default context menu. We have identified (and fixed) a problem when using EPiFields that sometimes resulted in such a script error. Although this error was most likely to occur when using two or more editors on the same pagetype where atleast one of them was based on EPiFields, it would still be possible to experience it using a single editor although. Send an email to support@ep.se and request the EPiFields hotfix. We havent made this fix publically available yet but will do so in the near future. Best regards Johan Olofsson Developer
Apr 11, 2005 10:49
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