Live Monitor + Commerce issues




Have a client who wants Live Monitor add on. For CMS part it's working fine. I can see all content and follow the users as they go. 

The problem is for commerce and as soon as a user enter a category/product page the user is gone from the interface due the catalog isn't showing in the Live Monitor Gadget window.

Our site:

Episerver CMS 10.3.2

Episerver Commerce 10.2.3

EPiServer.LiveMonitor 8.4.0 (latest as of today)

EPiServer.LiveMonitor.Commerce 8.4.0. (extension to make it work with commerce)

Problem 1 - Set both CMS and Commerce at same time? Not Possible?

In LiveMonitor.config i've set the monitoringTarget to point to our CMS root.

I was expecting something similiar to set the catalog root id? If i try set both CMS and Commerce i'll ofc get "The element may only appear once in this section." error. 

We want to be able to trace a User going from CMS over to our Catalog products. Is this not possible?

Problem 2 - Set a Catalog as monitoringTarget 

When i try settinging our root Catalog as the monitoring target in Live Monitor configs nothing will show in the Live Monitor window.

It works fine when i try for Categories and Products as expected due it states in the documentation that NodeContent, ProductContent and VariationContent is added to Commerce TypeFilter (commerce-support-extension).

This is how i set a commerce Category in the config (important to add "__CatalogContent" which i missed at first):

So I tried adding another filter for both CatalogContent and NodeContentBase but still not able to set catalog as monitoringTarget:

public class CommerceCatalogTypeFilter : EPiServer.LiveMonitor.Services.TypeFilter
		public CommerceCatalogTypeFilter()
			: base(
				new List

and initmodule:


Someone have a example of doing this? Or am I missing something?

The Live Monitor Addon will be very useless if we only can target a specific Category as the monitoringTaget and not Catalog. An example of our catalog tree explains it abit more clear:



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