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Hello, I have a very simple question, of which I've yet to find an answer to. I might just be blind though.

Is there any way of enabling a gadget for every user by default, upon module installation? As in, putting a gadget over/under the structure in edit mode? And/or is there a way of making your own Dashboard Tab WITH gadgets upon module installation? It's rather difficult to get anyone to use your module when the only way to get to it is to manually add it as a gadget, imagine 200+ editors from the same company having to do just that.

Any good documentation about this I could read?


Apr 07, 2014 16:53

I think that this might help you: http://world.episerver.com/Modules/Forum/Pages/Thread.aspx?id=82955&epslanguage=en


Apr 07, 2014 23:30

Thanks, I've done as stated. But to no effect unfortunately, I still have to add the gadget manually. Code looks identical and I recieve no build errors either. When I put "content" instead of "dashboard", I could no longer add it manually.

    public sealed class DashboardWidget : ComponentDefinitionBase
        public DashboardWidget () : base("vizzit.dashboard-widget")
            PlugInAreas = new[] { PlugInArea.DashboardDefaultTab };
            Categories = new string[] { "dashboard" };
            Title = "Vizzit";
            Description = "Shows summarized statistics.";

        /// <summary>
        /// Creates the dojo component. Since we want to pass additional values to the client,
        /// we need to override this method.
        /// </summary>
        /// <returns></returns>
        public override IComponent CreateComponent()
            Settings["ajaxPath"] = Constants.AJAX_URL;
            return base.CreateComponent();

    Any ideas? The documentation is quite limited around this front, so I must ask. Note that I am running EPiServer 7.5.

Edited, Apr 08, 2014 10:08
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