How to get an internal url to a page that has LinkType set to PageShortcutType.External?


I'm trying to find a method, property, or helper that will give me the full url of a page that is set to an external shortcut. Say my page is located at "", and Baz has a LinkType of PageShortcutType.External and links to "".

I'd expect there to be some way to get "" from baz's PageData, but every property, method or helper I've found so far returns "" instead.

Thank you!

Jun 03, 2014 19:21

Can't seem to find one either but a workaround would be to get the parrent link and then add the URLSegment.

So something like:

var url = urlResolver.GetUrl(baz.ParentLink);
url += baz.URLSegment;
Jun 03, 2014 19:51

Yeah, that's probably the best solution for now. Thanks for the idea.

Jun 03, 2014 21:39
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