Vulnerability in EPiServer.Forms

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Make sure both database and assemblies are upgraded correctly


Hi we have just now upgraded EPiServer CMS to version 7.9 after this when trying to access ImageVault it says the following error:

Dynamic Data Store can only be used with database version 7006, current version is 7007. Make sure both database and assemblies are upgraded correctly.

The ImageVault version is

Has this error something about the Deployment Center Installer failing with some sql-script during installation?

Jul 04, 2014 10:11

First. Did the installer fail during installation? 

From the error it doesn't look like it. As the error is saying that the db version is to high. So the sql update seems to have gone through. It seems more to do with your EPiServer.Data dll version. Your current version in bin seems to be 7.7 and that only works with db version 7006 apparently. Did your dlls and redirects get updated?

Could be a higher value here, cant remember what version I have installed at the moment but atleast its more then 7.7

Jul 04, 2014 10:36

Yes that is a very good observation. In web.config I have these outlined. (And also in bin folder the assemblies matches the configuration file)

und so weiter...

Jul 04, 2014 10:49

My guess is that it's the EPiServer.Data.Cache that should be 7.9 as well. If you check your packages\EPiServer.Framework.7.9\lib\net40 and see what version it is in there.

Jul 04, 2014 13:36

Hi Petter that was correct I've changed it and also checked any other corrupted versions in web.config (Checked all packages and also web.config to corresponding assemblies on disk), but unfortunately the error remains.

The applikation was settled for upgrade because of a new version of EPiServer.Find version, those assembly calls from web.config is also checked to the ones on disk.

Jul 04, 2014 14:03

hmm... If you check your bin folder after a build. Do you get the correct version of the dll:s? I have had some issues with VS caching locations of references when upgrading.

If you do get the correct dll:s in bin. My next tip would be to use fuslogwv and try and see what dll:s are being loaded from where.

Jul 04, 2014 14:42

Well as it seems it builds the correct versions in the bin folder, if I delete all assemblies in bin and then rebuild, I get correct versions added to bin. I look into the fuslogwv,

Jul 04, 2014 15:59

Did you ever find a reason or solution to this?

I am facing the same type of error on my newly upgraded solution and DB. The exception only occurs semi-randomly but when it does it crashes the whole site. 
My binding redirects are in-place as they should and my bin folder contains correct versions of both EPiServer.Data.dll and EPiServer.Data.Cache.dll.

Nov 12, 2014 9:59
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