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IContentLoader.GetChildren and expired pages



I have a question regarding how EPiServer is handling expired pages via the ContentLoader (if at all)

I use GetChildren occasionally to extract pages from specific parents and so on - but it seems like that GetChildren cannot filter out pages that are expired, so I have to handle it manually afterwards. Is this correct?

From what I can see/ find - a page with expiration has a StopPublished date and if that date is less than / equal to my timestamp - the page is expired. Is this the correct or is there an alternative property I need to / can check instead?

Regards, and thanks in advance.

May 22, 2017 10:24

It is partly correct. The ContentLoader doesn't handle it when you use GetChildren to load.

However the recommended way is to use the IPublishedStateAssessor:


The PublishedStateAssessor will consider a lot of things including if the content hasn't been published yet, if it has expired, if it is part of a project and so on.

It is also adviced to use the Assessor instead of implementing it all yourself because Episerver might add/change how it behaves to match new functionality in the CMS.

Best Regards


May 22, 2017 15:37

Thank you. I'll take a look at the PublishedStateAssessor, because right now I'm using the CheckPublishedStatus on PageData when it's applicable for that Content - but it has some issues that looks to be much easier handled using your example.

Thanks a lot :)

Edited, May 22, 2017 15:39
<p>I favor doing FilterForVisitor() after fetching lists instead of cherry picking filters. Will allow you to set up better caching strategies as well.</p> <p><a href="/documentation/Class-library/?documentId=cms/9/8E7ED7FC"></a></p>
May 22, 2017 17:28

Yes indeed FilterForVisitor is the best to use inside the site as it filters out by VisitorGroups as well.

It does require having a current user in the context and won't work otherwise.

I didn't see any indication in OP about what the context is, hence i gave the general filter.

Kind Regards


May 23, 2017 12:54

I've changed my code to use the PublishedStateAssessor and it looks to work very nicely for what I need it to do, so thanks a million :)

It was primarily regarding publish / expiration to begin with, but that filter looks interesting for some of our other usage - so I'll keep that in mind.

May 23, 2017 14:41
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