contentRepository.Save is publishing my page and gives me three versions? (CMS 11)



I am using this code to create and save a page. The page exists in one language so I want to create it in another language:

var editable = (IContent) this._contentRepository.CreateLanguageBranch(content.ContentLink, new LanguageSelector(language));
_contentRepository.Save(editable, SaveAction.SkipValidation, AccessLevel.NoAccess);

First of all, why is my page published and not saved and my are there one published page and two previously published versions?



Oct 09, 2018 10:28

Do you have any listeners listen to SavingContent/SavedContent? It seems there might be code doing stuffs down the pipeline 

Oct 09, 2018 15:07

It is a standard Alloy installation so I don't think so? 

Oct 09, 2018 15:27
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