Expired blocks shows up in edit and preview, but only when viewed from some environments



I recently started work for a company that uses CMS 11 for their website. Suddenly - seemingly out of the blue some day last week - expired blocks started being visible in the content are for pages in edit and preview mode, after having not been visible before then (and they're not supposed to be). The blocks are however not visible on the public page. From what I can find out, nothing had been altered before this sudden change happened, except for an update to the web.config, redirecting the connection string to point to another copy of the same database. The problem persisted after changing back however, so it doesn't appear to be that.

Even stranger is that what I see is different when viewed from different environments. When viewing from mine and my colleauges laptops, the issue is there; editors can see expired blocks when they shouldn't be. When viewed from a browser on the local server machine for the site, despite being the same site, I can not see the expired blocks in edit or preview mode. In fact, when I try to browse to the blocks in question, I get an error message, telling me it "can't load the content from the following URL/URI: epi.cms.contentdata:///29765". Also, in my virtual development environment, on a local copy of the site but directed to the same test database, the situation is the same as on the server machine (blocks are hidden, but URL can't be accessed).

Unfortunetly, I have no idea what is causing this behavior. There is a possibility that there have been browser updates occurring that we thought might be the culprit, but not sure. The server machine only have Internet Explorer, while our laptops have access to several browsers except IE (internal company security policy stuff), so it's difficult to check. However, on my virtual developemnt machine, I have Edge (same as laptops), and there the situation looks the same as the server machine with IT, so things aren't consistent over environments pointing to the same hosted site, nor over the same browser on different machines!

Sorry for long text, and thanks for any help!



Edited, Feb 27, 2023 7:59

A few questions

  • How do you load the blocks: ContentAreas? Static implementations?
  • Is the server clock correct?
  • Have you tried to empty the recycle bin in CMS?
  • Can you reproduce the error in development or any other environment?
Feb 27, 2023 18:44

Very sorry for the very late reply, was away.

  • Blocks are loaded through ContentAreas
  • Yes, the server clock is correct
  • Emptying the recycle bin did not fix the issue.
  • I haven't been able to reproduce the error in my development environment, but the error exist in the CMS edit mode in both our test-, acceptance- and production-environments (though not when accessed from the server machine itself), and appeared all of a sudden on in all environments at the same time.
Edited, Mar 07, 2023 23:35
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