SEO url without .aspx?


We're trying to accomplish an SEO friendly url for our application and would like some input. First of all we have been using the hierarchical provider, but since our customer has very large structure with VERY long names on all categories, the urls looked like:

Since google doesn't appreciate large urls we tried using the SEO urls as follows:

Since .aspx is a clear disadvantage in the url (for example if they want to swich codebase to PHP etc) we built a scheduled job that removed all the .aspx in the SEO urls and now the urls look like

Which is great, but after creating new products .aspx is automatically added to the SEO uri field, why is that? Do we have to hook up to the published event and remove .aspx each time a product is created? That feels like a doing a workaround for getting the result how it should be out of the box?

As well I've noticed that if you create a new product with swedish letters, for example "minfågelbok" it will change it to minfagelbok, I know they still doesn't promote using å,ä,ö in the urls but it should be desirable to have the flexibility to use å,ä,ö in the urls, if I remember correctly this validation was new for 7.5?

Any input much appreciated.


Mar 03, 2015 11:24


Yes, you have complete control over .aspx. Assuming you're using 7.5 or later (up to 8.8) , we support this via 

For your second question, IIRC then we have issues with å,ä,ö in seo uri so we decided to only allow Latin characters. I'll check with our code and bug list to see if we can lift the restriction. :)



Mar 03, 2015 15:37

Excellent Quan, thanks!

Mar 03, 2015 15:42
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