If I haven't changed variation MinQuantity or MaxQuantity (default 0) on the commerce side
and I call out Cart.Runworkflow("CartValidate"), then it does not add entry to cart. 
If I want to override that functionality do I need to create custom workflowactivity ? 


Aug 27, 2015 16:24


You can set the MinQuantity and MaxQuantity via Catalog UI or Commerce Manager (Pricing tab). I think it should be a preferred approach than changing the workflow yourself.

But if you really want to update the workflow, it's open source, and you can download our project here: http://world.episerver.com/download/Items/EPiServer-Commerce/episerver-commerce-8-tools-and-code-samples/

Or other vervions: http://world.episerver.com/download/EPiServer-Commerce/ 

Modify the activity and build it, and you're good to go.



Aug 27, 2015 17:23


yes wanted to know if it's possible to change MinQuantity other than through UI. 

Aug 28, 2015 8:18
<p>Hi,&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm having the same question today. I create the catalog item via CatalogUI but I can't get the item to be added to cart unless I go to Commerce Manager and manually update the MinQuantity from the default value of 0 to something else (and even set it back to 0 after that is okay).&nbsp;</p> <p>Set the MinQuantity via CatalogUI doesn't fix the problem, I need to go to CommerceManager and update the MinQuantity there.</p> <p>Is this some kind of bug or should I be aware of anything that I missed?&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm using nuget EPiServerCommerce 8.16.1 and EPiServer 8.10.1.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>Thanks,</p> <p>Linh</p> <p></p>
Aug 31, 2015 12:51

We have a similar problem here today. When creating a product manually in Commerce Catalog management and adding it to a cart it will disappear from the cart when navigating to checkout.

The problem seems to be with the product inventory, the product was not to be found in the InventoryService database table. In Commerce Manager the product is displayed with inventory Status: "disabled", but it seems to need the database record.

Saving the product in Commerce Manager will create an inventoryservice record in the database which fixes the problem disappearing from the cart. The problem is now a product manager will need to navigate to commerce manager and save the product there a second time.

Hope this helps anyone pinpoint the problem.

Feb 18, 2016 13:57
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