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Catalog Partition for 8.15



I'm trying to get Catalog Paritioning working with Episerver Commcerce 8.15. I've followed the directions here:

The script ecf_db_CatalogSystem_DataLoad.sql failed due to there being no Application table in the new catalog database. So I ran the following: 





And we able to complete ecf_db_CatalogSystem_DataLoad.sql without error. However on going to the website I got an error that GetContentSchemaVersionNumber did not exist, so I added the table SchemaVersion from cms_db_schema.sql and populated with data using script cms_db_dataload.sql.

After this the website now states that the table dbo.ShippingMethodParameter doesn't exist in the table, it appears that the new database is being used for all Commerce functionality and not just Catalog like I wanted. Is there a reason for this? Is there a setting in the old Commerce database that needs to be set to enable partitioning?


Jan 18, 2016 22:45

I am assuming you create a new connectionstring and pointed ecf.catalog.config to that.  I am not sure this feature still works in version 8.  I think once you fix the configuration the problem will be the metaclass and metafield tables need to replicated to the new server becasue the stored procedure generation needs those two to properly update.

Jan 20, 2016 1:38

Yes, that is correct. 

What I am trying to accomplish is a way to have the Commerce Catalog data in a test environment, verify and then transfer only the Catalog data to production. Additionally have the ability to rollback any Catalog changes in prodution if there are issues.

To me, the Catalog Parition feature would fit the bill here, what would be the recommended path to accomplish this?


Jan 20, 2016 18:04

I think you can use the catalog export/import feature here. Would be easier to do than the catalog partitioning. 



Jan 20, 2016 18:53

This seems to work to synch the data, however associated assets like images or pdf's don't get synched. Is there a recommendation for this?


Jan 28, 2016 23:26


If you are using the associated assets, you'll have to import/export in the context of front-end site (which has the required content type models).

You can use Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.ImportExport.ImportJob to write that feature - would be very small code anyway.

Another option is to use ServiceAPI.



Jan 29, 2016 7:05
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