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Search index processor problem



Could someone explain to me what has happened when the Commerce search index goes into state Invalid?

At first the index got invalid when I published a product but that was solved via this discussion:

Now, I recover the index and it stays valid for a couple of hours and suddenly it is invalid again.

So, to try to figure out why this is happening I would like to understand what is actually happening when the index gets the state Invalid?
And if someone has ideas how to fix it, please let me know.



Edited, Feb 20, 2017 9:37

Today I found this in my log the approxiamtly when the index got invalid.

2017-02-20 16:40:19,997 [106] ERROR Direktronik.Integration.Service.ProductCatalogService: Could not update variant 38-0589
System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.ValidationException: Media is not found. Navigate to Assets tab and remove it in order to publish.
   at EPiServer.Core.ContentProvider.ThrowValidationException(ICollection`1 errors)
   at EPiServer.Core.ContentProvider.Validate(IContent content, ContentSaveValidationContext saveValidationContext)
   at EPiServer.Core.Internal.DefaultContentRepository.Save(IContent content, SaveAction action, AccessLevel access)
   at Direktronik.Integration.Service.FactoryService`3.UpdateVariant(DRVariant variant, VariantClass variantClass)
   at Direktronik.Integration.Service.ProductCatalogService.HandleVariant[TProduct,TNode,TVariant](VariantClass variantClass, FactoryService`3 factoryService, ContentReference cateRef)

Could this in validate the index? I have it in s try/catch so the error is handled.

I there anyway to vallidate the entity before publishing it?


Feb 20, 2017 17:02

Hi Kristoffer,

Did you solve this problem (was it Find configuration related)?
We are investigating a similar problem..


Feb 19, 2018 13:41

I would suggest to update the titlte to "Search index processor", as it's less confusing. (You might want to remove the company name from the log if that's sensitive information)

The processor is known to be not perfectly stable. If you are using Commerce 10.6 or newer, I suggest to disable the event-driven indexing and turn on the search index build (not the Full search index rebuild) scheduled job, and let it run every 5 minutes instead. 

Feb 19, 2018 14:12

Ok, how do I disable that? Just remove from the settings from the Mediachase.Search.config?

Feb 19, 2018 14:16

You just need to add this configuration to web.config of both CMS and Commerce Manager site

Edited, Feb 19, 2018 14:20


Where can I find the "Search index build" job (can't see it in scheduled Job list). Equal to Incremental Search Index Job?

Feb 23, 2018 10:46

Yes, that is it 

Feb 23, 2018 10:47
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