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Episerver 11.1.1 - Blank CatalogContentProperty


We just upgraded our website this weekend from Commerce 9.11, to 11.1.1. After this upgrade, we've had a large increase in CatalogContentProperty rows and we looked into this.

Apparently Epsierver 11.1.1 now inserts blank rows with no values for every single non-translated properties, where as it used to not insert any records for non-translated properties.

Not sure who at Episerver thought it was a good idea to create blank new rows for every single property, on every translation, for every product that was published, but this is going to cause our CatalogContentProperty table of 1.5 million records to quickly bloat to somewhere around 5+ million very rapidly. 

Is this a bug? Or is this just terrible design?


Sep 19, 2017 16:14

I don't recognize that behavior - the non culturespecific properties are always loaded from master language version. If possible, I would suggest you to try to export your catalog, delete it, and reimport again to see how does it behave.

You can of course contact developer support service for further assistance.

Sep 19, 2017 16:34

Just checked that my DB is fine. I have run this script and got 0 results:

SELECT count(*)
  FROM [dbo].[CatalogContentProperty]
  Where Boolean = NULL 
  AND Number = NULL 
  AND FloatNumber = NULL 
  AND Money = NULL 
  AND Decimal = NULL 
  AND Date = NULL 
  AND Binary = NULL 
  AND String = NULL 
  AND LongString = NULL
  AND Guid = NULL
Sep 20, 2017 8:52

Hey, Just to clarrify, these aren't null rows, they are blank.

Check this...

FROM [dbo].[CatalogContentProperty]
WHERE LongString = ''

Edited, Sep 30, 2017 21:46
<p>That's strange. I would suggest you to file a support ticker to our developer support service.</p>
Oct 02, 2017 8:10
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