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/EPiServer/cms/Stores/contentstructure/ slow & SimplifiedCatalogListingThreshold (


Hi guys, I am working on a site with a large commerce content structure. We have nested the items as advised from Episerver and have no more than 40 odd items at each level, the structure being

  • Product Parent 1
    • Producut Sub Parent 1
      • Product Sub parent 2
        • Variation

This was structured against an import and catalogue stucture from the clients API and also for performance.

However when loading the commerce manager in Episerver it's take a long time to load the initial top level with the call to /EPiServer/cms/Stores/contentstructure/ taking around 40 seconds. We also had to override the SimplifiedCatalogListingThreshold as it was going in to simplified mode.

As far as I was told this wouldn't be an issue as long as we structured the content with limits of how many items we under each node. Does anyone have any idea or advice before contacting Epserver?

Edited, Sep 11, 2017 13:13

My memory is rusty here, but it should not be a problem loading the Product Parent 1. 

Can you try some profiling (I can personally recommend dotTrace) to see where is the bottle neck is. Also it would help if we know about your catalog size (number of categories, number of entries, number of entries per category)

Sep 12, 2017 11:01

I've got a little better performance by changing the product sub parent 1 to a category which is making it usuable although it's still slow and goes over the default threshold to change to the simle view (which I've overridden atm). The catalog in total holds about 15,000 items, so there's quite a lot of content. I havn't gone in to the process of trying to trace any bottleneck as yet other than looking at the API calls but will try to get some time to look in to tracing the bottleneck (I imagine my large catalog is causing issues).

Sep 12, 2017 11:07
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