creat page with datagrid

Hi Guys, i've got an aspx page with a data grid that takes data from a database, it works fine out side of episerver. what's the best way of incorporating it within episerver so that it has the same look and feel as the other pages. Thanks
Apr 02, 2007 16:18
here is the code i have, sample page

Parameterized Stored Proc Select to a DataGrid Control

Select a Category:   Select a Year:  

Apr 02, 2007 16:20
The short answer: 1. Inherit from TemplatePage 2. Override the ValidatePageTemplate method, do not call base (effectively disabling the template/page type runtime check) 3. Point to the Master Page from the site 4. Add everything _inside_ the
tag to an tag. 5. Keep the script tag, but remove all the other tags. 6. Compile, and surf to it. You're done The long answer: It depends. Do you want it to be available as a template (from which you can create pages in the tree?), or do you just want to use the overall design (then the steps above is enough.) Making your .aspx into a real template is not hard, it just involves a few more steps. 1. Inherit from TemplatePage 2. Use the Master Page from the site 3. Add everything _inside_ the tag to an tag. 4. Keep the script tag, but remove all the other tags. 5. Compile 6. Go to Admin mode, create a Page Type (or copy one of the existing ones) 7. Point the page type to your .aspx file 8. Go to Edit mode 9. Create a page, using your new page type, give it some content 10. Save and publish the page 11. You're done The benefits of creating the page type and the page is that your page will get some context, it will be "placed" somewhere. Like a news page will be placed in a news list. So, the menus on the site will reflect where the page is located. You can also set security on the page. If you copied a page type in step 6 above, then you probably already got the MainBody tag, which will just work because it is displayed in the master page. Your sales list just got bling baby :-) /Steve
Apr 03, 2007 10:20
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