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The current template "site/default.aspx" does not match the specified page type file "/default.aspx"

Hi All. I'm trying to upgrade our EPiServer site from 4.31 to 4.61 .NET 2.0. I have upgraded (in my developer environment) in EPiServer Manager and I have converted our code and templates to .NET 2.0. Surprisingly enough I didn't have any major problems and most things seem to be working. However when I first loaded the site in a web browser I got the error: The current template "site/default.aspx" does not match the specified page type file "/default.aspx" Is this because the values in our database indicate that the url should point to a web site of its own and not to a subsite of Default Web site? I found a blog that suggested overriding ValidatePageTemplate() with an empty implementation and when I tried this it worked. I also found a post in this forum that mentioned overriding the ValidatePageTemplate if the page was not to be used as a template. The default.aspx-page is used as a template but I have managed to create a page using it as a template even with the empty override. So my question is: Will the problem solve itself if I create a separate website (as is the case on the production server)? Will there be problems having the empty override in a template? Thanks!
May 25, 2007 16:23
Sounds like the classic web.config setting. If it's set to true, change it to false and see if that works
Jun 05, 2007 9:16
In the template using default.aspx, perhaps named 'Start Page' or similar. Have filename in settings set to 'site/default.aspx'. This can be changed manually or with the function 'rebuild links' for all pagetypes. This is common when you move a site from development to production or the other way around. /HAXEN
Jun 11, 2007 15:11
I hava similar problem. But I get a: "/templates/login.aspx" does not match the specified page type file "/default.aspx". This mostly happens when logging out and sometimes also when trying to login. The Login page is placed direct under the rootfolder (shared by serveral sites) and the one page I know have got this error is placed in a different structur under rootfolder\rootpage\startpageforsite. I haven't been able to reproduce this error myself. The site runs on 4.61 1.1 and therefore no masterpages. As far as I know there hasn't been any changes to the template /page type. I guess that overrideing validatepagetemplate in default.aspx should fix this but I really would like to know why this problem occurs. Br Per
Mar 05, 2008 11:09
I have experienced the same problem, tho only at some few random moments.
Mar 05, 2008 12:26
Maybe it's no use to further investigate this issue, instead just implement an override on validatepagetemplate. But in my previous example I'm not sure in which template to do the change. Login.aspx or default.aspx. Can help me there? I would like to avoid having to make two deployments into production. /Per
Mar 05, 2008 13:13
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