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Get Friendly URLs in EPiServer 4


The website I'm working on doesn't have friendly URLs in the content on the page, they look like this:


Is there a way to convert these to friendly URLs? I know EPiServer 5 has a Global.UrlRewriteProvider class, is there something similar in EPiServer 4?

Nov 12, 2008 18:03

Thanks Per,

That technote has a section that might solve my problem but I don't understand what it means. Here it is: 

Friendly URL in Content

All links in EPiServer CMS are stored on the old form and replaced when the content is rendered. This is done internally for the properties of XHTML string and ‘Long String' by adding a sub Web control of the type LongStringFriendlyUrlRender. This replaces:

links with a friendly URL link in and tags;
anchors with a relative reference to the current page with an anchor relative to the Web site's root, e.g. #top is replaced with /EPiServerSample/test/#top.


Any explaination would be appeciated as I still can't get the freindly URLs for links in the content.


Nov 13, 2008 12:28


do you get any Furls at all?

did you add:

Add the following code to the header section of all the templates used in the site, normally located in /templates/units/header.ascx.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="EPiServer" Namespace="EPiServer.WebControls" Assembly="EPiServer" %>


<episerver:FriendlyUrlRegistration runat="Server" />



Nov 13, 2008 21:24
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