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Epi Server templates - I cant make them - problems?


Hi! I have a couple of questions :)

It would be wonderful if you could answer all my questions, because Iam trying to learn as much as possible. The text bellow is probebly not so complicated for some of you ...

The organization I work for has two development enviroments with Visual Studio and EpiServer installed. In one of them, in Visual Studio, when I make a new "page" (template) I can choose EpiServer Template from the category Epi Server. But in the other development enviroment I can not.

The questions:

# Is this because the "SDK" is not installed on the second enviroment?

# What limitations does that mean for me (in the enviroment where I can not make Epi templates)?
- I created new pages in both enviroments, and I compared the code. The code looks a bit different, two examples:
enviromentA)public partial class test : EPiServer.TemplatePage
enviromentB)public partial class test : System.Web.UI.Page
enviromentA)using System.Collections.Generic;
enviromentB)using System.Collections;

Does this mean, for example, in enviromentB that the namespace(?) Generic doesnt exist?

What I want to get to the bottom with is this basicly: If I make an Epi Server Template in enviromentA, and copy the code in the apsx file, cs file and designer file, then paste it in the aspx, cs and designer files created in enviroment B - will it work? Will it compile? I might need to change some path (like to the master page file), but the namespaces and other things, does it work, can it be compiled?

It would be wonderful if you could answer both questions and give some recomendation too. Like can I just install the SDK on enviromentB, what installer do I use? Remember I dont need Epi Server, that is allready installed. The version installed on enviromentB is EpiServer 5.2.375.133.



Aug 17, 2011 16:02

You don't need the Visual studio integration. It is basically a set of macros that might make life a bit easier. But you can just aswell change the base class of your page from System.Web.UI.Page to EPiServer.TemplatePage manually. The same basically holds for the project template: If you don't have the VS integration you can create a standard web project and add the episerver references needed.

Aug 17, 2011 16:36

Hm ...

So, I copy the code from the aspx, cs and designer page from the enviroment that has the sdk?

What is a project template? Do I have to anything with it?

Sep 05, 2011 16:31

You don't even have to do that, you can just use the standard VS template for creating an aspx, and then change the base class in the codebehind from System.Web.UI.Page to EPiServer.TemplatePage.

By project template I mean the empty .csproj you can create with the SDK. It will be a web application project with certain EPiServer references added and a web.config + episerver.config with default values. To get this set up correctly is perhaps harder to do manually, but you can create an empty project on a computer and copy it to another computer lacking the SDK.

But to answer your initial questions: Yes you are lacking these options because the SDK is not installed. I'm probably just making this complicated, just install the SDK and use it. And yes, you can copy the as*x + codebehind + designer file to a different computer, include it in a project and build it, IF you add the required references to the project.

Sep 05, 2011 19:35


I really appriciate your help. Thank you. Just two follow up questions.

- Where do I find the SDK installer? Is it here,  ? But I cant find it for Epi 5. Also it is just documentation?

- If I instead use the other aproach and copy the code - what are 'references'? Is it those namespace things you write at the top of the cs file? I guess not? So what is it, where do I find it, and how do I add things?

Sep 06, 2011 7:53

Ah this?

And that is only the SDK, yes? But please answer what references are also, thank you so so much.

Edited, Sep 06, 2011 8:12
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