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Sub Item on Config


Is possible create a sub item look like ["System Configuration", "Property Configuration", "Security", "Tool Settings" ] ?

Is possible create a new Tab look like ["Admin", "Config", "Page Type", "Block Type"] ?

Oct 10, 2013 8:19

If I interpret you correctly you are talking about the tabs in the left side pane when you go to Admin mode.

When defining Admin plugins in code you decorate your class like this:

[GuiPlugIn(DisplayName="My custom plugin", Area=PlugInArea.AdminMenu, Url ="~/Plugins/MyCustomPlugin.ascx")] 

As far as I know it's only possible to place your plugins in the currently supported PluginAreas. Which means you can't define new tabs or sections under each tab. 

As of EPiServer 7.1, you can put your plugins in the following places in Admin mode:

  • In the "Tools" section under the Admin tab, using Area=PlugInArea.AdminMenu
  • In the "Tools settings" section under the Config tab, using Area=PlugInArea.AdminConfigMenu
  • Or in the "Scheduled tasks" section under the Admin tab, by decorating your class like this:

    DisplayName = "My scheduled job", 
    Description = "A scheduled job", 

See more about PluginArea in the SDK

Edited, Oct 10, 2013 12:02
rizwansegana - Apr 27, 2021 13:54
Hai Arild ,
I need your help , where we add this i am struggling with that sub menu issue that where i add your code mentioned
Arild Henrichsen - May 21, 2021 13:12
@rizwansegana: Here are some helpful blog posts on creating an Admin plugin:
- in Webforms (the traditional, but outdated way):
- in MVC (recommended - at least until the Admin view is replaced in .net core):

Thanks Arild

Oct 11, 2013 6:41

As an alternative to the Admin menu you could add your plugin as a global menu item (next to Dashboard, CMS etc):

Just remember to keep the amount of global menu items to a minimum (avoid overcrowding) and set necessary security to avoid editors messing with tools not meant for them.

Oct 11, 2013 13:17

YET another possibility, if you're willing to do a dirty hack, is to edit the file C:\Program Files (x86)\EPiServer\CMS\7.0.586.1\Application\UI\CMS\Admin\menu.aspx, which contains markup for the entire Admin menu. You could easily place a link to your plugin here, or add markup to create your own section.

Be warned that this will affect all sites on the same server, though.

Oct 11, 2013 20:53
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