Installation of EPiServer.ServiceApi destroys my site


Hi, all!

I'm installing EPiServer.ServiceApi via Nuget, as it is described in the guide, but right after that I get the following error instead of my start page:

An error has occurred.

The object has not yet been initialized. Ensure that HttpConfiguration.EnsureInitialized() is called in the application's startup code after all other initialization code.


at System.Web.Http.Routing.RouteCollectionRoute.get_SubRoutes() at System.Web.Http.Routing.RouteCollectionRoute.GetRouteData(String virtualPathRoot, HttpRequestMessage request) at System.Web.Http.WebHost.Routing.HttpWebRoute.GetRouteData(HttpContextBase httpContext)

I've tried this solution, but config.EnableCors() doesn't exist, config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes() causes error "ArgumentException: A route named 'MS_attributerouteWebApi' is already in the route collection", and all the rest doesn't help. I tried adding "GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.EnsureInitialized();" at the end of initialization, it doesn't help either.

What can be the problem? What causes this error?

Sep 26, 2017 11:10

You can try this.  Calling configure twice messes things up.  

Oct 15, 2017 20:47
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