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CategoryListEditorDescriptor is not being called


Hello everyone,

I have implemented the custom category list selector based on this thread:

(i have EpiServer version 11 and i did the update to the code, minor)

But..  when i am going for the selection of the category for one of the my properties:

I am somehow getting all the categories available and not the ones under the newly defined category root - AirTaxonTopicCategory for that property.

I am trying to set the breakpoint to 'ModifyMetadata' in my CategoryListEditorDescriptor but it never hits it...

so, the question I like to clarify in this post - is it possible to to use the debugger breakpoint for 'ModifyMetadata' method in my 'CategoryListEditorDescriptor' class?

Is this the method that being called very early in the process, sets up the roots for all the CategoryList properties according to the attribute's settings and not available in the run time?

another question (i think related) - is there some sort of caching for the categories list? Can I turn it off? As it seems the categories list and roots that appear for
my properties are very sporadic.

thank you for your help and suggestions,

P.S. one of my properties of type CategoryList, which in editor when selected list ALL of the categories, and not the ones under the root specified:

        [Display(Name = "Topic", Description = "Topic categories to choose from", Order = 3, GroupName = CustomTabNames.Taxonomy)]
        [AirCategorySelection(RootCategoryType = typeof(AirTaxonTopicCategory))]
        public virtual CategoryList TaxonomyTopic { getset; }

Edited, Jul 13, 2018 20:21
Jul 13, 2018 20:25


Did you ever solve this issue? I'm seeing the same behavior. I actually tried throwing an exception from the ModifyMetadata, which didn't have any effect.

Dec 18, 2018 8:04
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