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Multiple MediaData media type.

We have two media types (GenericMedia & Publication) which inherit media data and have a MediaDescriptor to associate the pdf,doc,docx extensions to both. When a user uploads a file via the asset manager its defaulting to publication but I want it to default to generic media

Ive used this blog post as the basis and would appear to do what I want but in my solution base.GetFirstMatching returns null. Any ideas why?


[ServiceConfiguration(typeof(ContentMediaResolver)) ]
public class DefaultContentMediaResolver : ContentMediaResolver
/// <summary>
/// see
/// </summary>
public override Type GetFirstMatching(string extension)
var selectedAsDefault = base.GetFirstMatching(extension); //always null?

// For all types inheriting MediaData, I want to use class GenericMedia as default not publication
if (typeof(MediaData).IsAssignableFrom(selectedAsDefault))
return typeof(GenericMedia);

return selectedAsDefault;
Dec 13, 2016 11:23
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