License violations on a site

Hi Folks, I'm after a clarification of the way licensing works for EPiSERVER. I have a client who have their new install and are busy populating the new site. They still have their OLD site up and running. We have purhased the license for the final destination domain eg. www.[domain].com but they are running it temporarily at web.[domain].com until it is fully populated. Every now and then they get the following license violation. License violation! License is already in use at another online site: http://www.[domain].com/ [_LM_W3SVC_1598597007_Root] My query is how do I get around this? Should we have got a web.[domain].com license first and then transferred it when they go live? Thanks, Cameron
Dec 04, 2006 2:02
Hi there, Not sure if you have figured this out already but thought I would reply to this anyway. With licensing you need to have a different license file for each site running EPiServer. The license files are not bound to the domain name in any way, only to the IP address or MAC address of the server. This means you can use the same license file on multiple sites as they will most likely both have the same IP address and MAC address. However, this is why the "license already in use" exception is thrown up because you are not supposed to do this. Bascially when the site applications load for the first they register themselves (and license) with the scheduler service. This is then used to detect when the same license used on multiple sites on the same server. To fix this you need to get another license for the temporary site if you need to run them both at the same time (usually a developer license will do for the temporary site but check with EPiServer on this). Otherwise you can remove the license file from the "www" site and only have it in the "web" site. Then when ready, move the license file back to the "www" site before live. Cheers, Jeremy.
Jan 11, 2007 23:51
Hi Cameron, as Jeremy wrote, you could use a temporary license (developer license or demo license or similar) on the site during the development. Note that a message will appear in the web browser stating "Not for commercial use", but for internal use I think that is accetable in most situations. Cheers Mattias
Jan 12, 2007 10:13
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