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DynamicProperty "selected / not selected"

Hello, I've noticed the bug related to dynamic property of "selected / not selected" type. The steps for bug are next: - create some dynamic property that is "selected / not selected" type - define its value to be "true" on the specific page and check checkbox to apply that value to all children of that page - if you want to override its value on some page's child and set it on "false", you will not be able to do it. Is there any patch for that? .. or I will have to create new type for dynamic property that handles this bug. Best Regards Vlada
May 08, 2007 16:42
This is not a bug, it is - popularly said - by design. The property "Selected / Not Selected" only saves a value to the database when it is checked. If not selected, the value is _not_ set to false, but to null, which leads to a lot fewer rows in the database. However, the side effect is that you cannot search for pages with a property set to "false", and for dynamic properties you will experience the exact behaviour you've explained. You cannot "unset" the value if it has been set somewhere above in the hierarchy. The solution is to write your own property type which has these three options: * True * False * Null / Not Set ("Inherit" would be a good name if only used for dynamic properties) You then need to save this as an int. /Steve
May 08, 2007 19:36
Thanks Steve /Vlada
May 09, 2007 12:20
You're right that it's by design, but it is also correct to say it's a bug.  It is a bug in the design.  The property is "selected/not selected", not "has been selected at least once".
Oct 08, 2008 18:34

Depends on which hair you're splitting. But I'll agree that it depends on the viewpoint. It was designed this way intentionally, hence "by design". I agree that it might not be intuitive from the UI point of view, and the whole concept of dynamic properties, and the checkbox for overwriting any decendant values is inherently non-intuitive.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, and luckily Vladimir solved his problem.


Oct 13, 2008 23:24
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