EPiServer.Marketing AB Testing not giving expected results


We've updated our site to the latest version of EPiServer 10 in anticipation of the new AB Testing functionality that comes with the EPiServer.Marketing.* AddOns that are currently in the PreRelease channel. We've also installed these packages and the site is all working fine it seems (we originally had some issues with 1.0.3-beta where navigating around the admin pages would cause it to hang, but this has been resolved (seemingly) in 1.0.4-beta.

We then set up an AB Test, that appears to work. For the test, we just moved a few blocks around on the homepage (Step 0) and declared the conversion page as being Step 2 (so, there is a page between the homepage and our conversion page that the customer must go through). A cursory glance showed that we have a number of views successfully, as well as a number of conversions - however, that number doesn't correlate to the amount of traffic we threw at it.

On the screenshot below, you'll be able to see that there are apparently 6 views with 3 conversions.

During the time that this test has been running, we've had a number of users attempt to trigger conversions, more than have been recorded. Additionally, a number of them have used various browsers (e.g. I used Chrome, IE and Firefox, as well as their individual Incognito modes a few times). But they rarely show up as stats.

Our setup for these modules was minimal. We just installed the NuGet packages and that was it. Is there anything else that we need to do, to ensure that everything is likely to work? Additionally, we've set up our Web Servers to load balance, using EpiServer's event replication (if that is playing a role in our problems?).

Has anyone else had problems with this module? What are the best places to start looking for clues as to why this may not be working? Any guidance at all would be very gratefully received!



Nov 09, 2016 12:38
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