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Silverlight.js not loading in CMO features


Dear all,

I have a website using EPiServer 9 where we have install the CMO features of EPiServer using the Deployment Center. Everything is fine regarding the installation and features integration. Now we would like to use those functionalities of A/B Testing and Campaigns.

The problem is that the CMO part in the backend of EPiServer is loading randomly. Indeed, when I click on "CMO" and then "A/B testing", the page randomly load fast or take 15 minutes to show. Those 15 minutes are due to the fact that EPiServer tries to get the following file :

The problem is that this resource is randomly get or not. In the main case, this finish with the following error (look at the network debug tool, last line) after 15 minutes of loading :

As you can see the page is loaded in all the case, but after 15 minutes of loading with a missing file.

The file exists on the server, this is automatically added in the modules/_Protected folder when you install the CMO features, other files at the same location are available with no worries, only this one randomly fails. 

In my LOCAL environment, same file loaded without any problem. In my TEST environment, the file is not loaded at all, I mean not needed by the page, so not part of the getted ressources, this is another strange point for me.

Is it a server setting to set? Can I avoid the usage of this file in a way or another? Is it really needed by the CMO features? 

I precise that I had a quich check with the network administrators to check if something was blocked regarding Silverlight, like a blacklist or I don't know, but it's not the case. It would not work randomly as well if it was the case.

I have read on some forums that the way to fix this is clear all the cookies of the browser, but even like this I have no success.

So I am really confused, any help would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Mar 07, 2017 17:40

Have you tried to browse the file directly when you get an error? That should be possible if you are logged on. The file should be there since it is responsible for the silverlight plugins showing some data in the CMO product. 

The file however is a file from Microsoft and not an specific epi script. The file should be in all environments since it is part of the product. If you can browse the file directly mayby you can get more information or look in the response header perhaps?

If it is needed, I would say no but then some of the features is not working for showing data. 

Maybe you should have a look at the new A/B- Testing feature that is more robust and modern :) It is better and you install it with nugets instead of manual as with the CMO product.

Mar 12, 2017 10:46
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