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Does Episerver FIND index and search content that has been added to the webpage using Composer' WYSIWYG control (ExtensionContentAreaProperty). If so how does this work?



Mar 01, 2013 15:01

Looking at blogs it says to do something like this

PageIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(page => !page.PageTypeName.StartsWith("[ExtensionSys]"));

  But my code doest allow .ForInstanceOf - I am using Episerver 6 R2 and have referenced

using EPiServer.Find.Cms;

    Any help?

Mar 01, 2013 15:38

By default all pages are added to the index. Shouldn't matter if it's Composer that have added them.

Mar 04, 2013 8:10

Your code should work for CMS 6 R2, try adding some more references:

using EPiServer.Find;
using EPiServer.Find.ClientConventions;
using EPiServer.Find.Cms;
using EPiServer.Find.Cms.Conventions;

// Example PageIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(x => false);


Mar 04, 2013 8:15

Hi, thanks. When I do a search now I get the search results but the title looks like CF__30_608_543_660 with a URL to the Composer Text control. How would I get the correct link to the actual page and the page title together with the Excerpt?



Mar 04, 2013 9:24

I had also put this into my Global file, but I dont think this is working correctly, it only seems to index the last in the list - does each one over ride the other? Is there a way I can do a statement that includes all types?

        PageIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(page => page.PageTypeName.StartsWith("[ExtensionSys] Text"));
           PageIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(page => page.PageTypeName.StartsWith("News - Article"));
           PageIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(page => page.PageTypeName.StartsWith("Content Page - 3 Columns"));


Mar 04, 2013 9:30

See Joel's reply here:

Mar 04, 2013 13:07
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