WithAndAsDefaultOperator() does not work as expected with UsingSynonyms()


I have created a 'one way' synonym as “dog” > "animal”.

  • When I search for "test+dog" it gives many results. (Which is as expected)
  • When I search for "dog+test" it gives 0 results. (Which is not as expected)

The above both queries should return the same result set (Many results) regardless of the word order.

My search implementation is like below,

search = search.For(queryText) 

This issue is not reproducible when,

  • we remove the synonyms defined.
  • we remove the WithAndAsDefaultOperator() or the UsingSynonyms().

This means there is an incompatibility/issue with the UsingSynonyms() when used along with the WithAndAsDefaultOperator().

Is this a known issue ?

Note: I have found that there is an issue with multi-words synonyms and the WithAndAsDefaultOperator. But in my case, it is not about multi-word synonyms. But I do not know whether my issue is happening because of the same issue which fuels the multi-words synonyms issue.


Feb 12, 2020 6:46
Senura Dissanayake - Feb 27, 2020 7:01
In other words, every phrase (search text) begins with the synonym I have defined in the Epi will give 0 results.


"dog+word1+word2" - gives 0 results !

"dog" - gives many results as expected.

"word1+dog+word2" - gives many results as expected.

"word1+word2+dog" - gives many results as expected.
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