Searches without relevant hits in statistics always show CTR 0%


I have tried searching, implementing various tips, but to no avail, so no I thought I'd try to create my own thread. 

As the headline says, even though I search, and click on the results I get, i always the CTR 0% on the Epi find statistic Searches without relevant hits. 

I tried implementing the tips from (sorry, cant upload hyperlinks..):

Dmytro Duk, called 'statistics tracking in episerver find' (easy to find if you google it)

and another thread with the same Subject headline as I have, but they made no difference.

My root view template in my mvc application has these at the appropriate places: 



I do a unified search with Track() 

            var query = client.UnifiedSearchFor(q)
                .Filter(x => !x.MatchTypeHierarchy(typeof(ImageData)));

example of a hit, in html

                                <a href="@hit.value.Document.Url">@(url)</a>

And this is how the same search hit looks like on the page

<a href="/find_v2/_click?_t_id=YC7xLnzTYoCSXxd9mGcyPA%3d%3d&amp;_t_uuid=UDgmOEzgRVeu_iTXSgDcPA&amp;_t_q=test&amp;_t_tags=language%3asv%2csiteid%3abd6997af-3ed9-4996-b244-4986ee62600e%2candquerymatch&amp;;_t_hit.pos=1&amp;_t_redirect=http%3A%2F%2FXXXXX%2Fskadereglering%2Fgemensamt-skadereglering%2Ftestsida%2F" onclick="window.location.href = '/find_v2/_click?_t_id=YC7xLnzTYoCSXxd9mGcyPA%3d%3d&amp;_t_uuid=UDgmOEzgRVeu_iTXSgDcPA&amp;_t_q=test&amp;_t_tags=language%3asv%2csiteid%3abd6997af-3ed9-4996-b244-4986ee62600e%2candquerymatch&amp;;_t_hit.pos=1&amp;_t_redirect=http%3A%2F%2FXXXXX%2Fskadereglering%2Fgemensamt-skadereglering%2Ftestsida%2F'; return false;">Testsida</a>

So the scripts seem to be working, Epi find notices that I have searched for this term, but even though I click it, I get no click through. Does anyone have any ideas? 

Jun 17, 2020 8:29
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