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Episerver.Amazon nuget package not updated


We are working on an upgrade from .NET 4.6.1, CMS 11, and Commerce 13 to .NET 6, CMS 12, and Commerce 14.

We are currently using the episerver nuget package Episerver.Amazon to enable Amazon events to be used by our site. We are also using it as our default blob provider.

It looks like Episerver.Amazon is not compatible with EPIServer Framework 12. Does anyone know if there is an alternative way to get Amazon events and blobs to work with these newer versions?

Dec 08, 2022 22:45

I had a look on to see if there was any information about the status of `EPiServer.Amazon` but it's not showing up regardless of the filter.

Optimizely have gone all in with Azure hosting for DXP and CMS 12 and that particular module is about hosting in AWS instead.  So I wouldn't expect any further development to happen for EPiServer.Amazon without a notable change of strategy from Optimizely. You will need to speak to your client around Azure hosting instead if they want to carry on with upgrading to CMS 12.  Your client doesn't have to go with DXP, they can self host within Azure as Optimizley is now available on the Azure Marketplace.

Dec 09, 2022 8:59
agibbles - Dec 09, 2022 14:39
Unfortunately, moving to DXP or Azure is not an option for us.
Mark Stott - Dec 09, 2022 16:31
In that case you may have to look at solving those problems manually by creating custom blob providers and registering them in the start-up of your solution.

There were plans to decompile and create unofficial Amazon package, but I haven't got so far..

Jan 19, 2023 17:44

We have open sourced the package.  We need help testing it is working before adding to the nuget feed.

Jan 19, 2023 18:08
agibbles - Jan 20, 2023 16:22
Thanks Mark! We are running our sites on AWS. Do you have more information about what type of assistance you need regarding testing and how much testing has already been done on this? We are trying to decide if we should try this package for our upgrade or go a different route.
Mark Hall - Jan 20, 2023 18:22
The code has not changed much from the framework version. The AWS SDK changed from sync to Async was the biggest change we had to handle in the upgrade. I would say it may just work but you might need to add the solution and debug if you run into issues. I was able to update all the unit tests as well so I don't think you should see many issues. If you run into something and need help add an issue to the repo and I can help from there.

Cool, then my GitHub search-kungfu failed me. I could not find the repo

Jan 19, 2023 18:17

That's interesting, because that implies moving back to a more flexible approach in terms of licensing.  Has optimizely changed their stance on this?

Jan 20, 2023 10:58

There is no change, you would still need instance licensing to run in Amazon.  The demand for the package was low and we dont have much experience in AWS services which makes this really hard to develop and test hence open sourcing the package for those that work reguarly with Amazon.

Jan 20, 2023 16:16
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