Search for text containing "Foo"


Is it possible to search for a part of a word? Ie if the query is "Foo" I can't figure out how to get a match on "BarFooBar" or "BarFoo". Something similar to .AnyWordBeginsWith("Foo") would be nice.

Sep 12, 2012 8:18

Looking at the documentation I would say that the FuzzyQuery would be able to find that for you. Did you try that one? 

Sep 12, 2012 15:14

If I'm not misunderstanding thats the built in full text search in EPiServer Framework, not the product EPiServer Find.

Sep 12, 2012 15:24

Right you are! (guess I should read the question more carefully) ;)


How about the morelike then?

Sep 12, 2012 15:29

At the moment there's no "fluent API method" for wildcard queries in the Find .NET API. Below is an extension method that adds such functionality. It requires a query (string) and a field to apply the query to (an expression). By default it doesn't add any wildcard characters but the query type will parse "*" (any number of characters) and "?" (a single character). The reason it requires a field is that a wildcard query can be slow and therefor it's good to conciously make a decision about what field, or fields, to apply it to.

I'll see if I can create a more polished method later which I'll probably blog about if so.

public static class SearchExtensions
    public static ITypeSearch<T> AddWildCardQuery<T>(
        this ITypeSearch<T> search, 
        string query, 
        Expression<Func<T, string>> fieldSelector)
        var fieldName = search.Client.Conventions.FieldNameConvention
        var wildcardQuery = new WildcardQuery(fieldName, query.ToLowerInvariant());
        return new Search<T, WildcardQuery>(search, context =>
            if (context.RequestBody.Query != null)
                var boolQuery = new BoolQuery();
                boolQuery.MinimumNumberShouldMatch = 1;
                context.RequestBody.Query = boolQuery;
                context.RequestBody.Query = wildcardQuery;

Basic usage:

var query = "Foo";

//Make it match any word containing foo
query = "*" + query + "*";

//Make it match any word ending with foo
//query = query + "*";

var result = client.Search<Recipe>()
    .AddWildCardQuery(query, x => x.Name)

Use the method after having called the For or MoreLike methods but before any calls to Filter. Example:

var result = client.Search<Recipe>(Language.Swedish)
    .InField(x => x.Name)
    .InField(x => x.Instructions)
    .AddWildCardQuery("*Foo*", x => x.Name)
    .Filter(x => !x.ID.Match(42))

Again, keep in mind that wildcard queries, especially those starting with * or ? can be slow so use them only when it's really needed, preferably on a limited number of fields.   

Edited, Sep 14, 2012 10:30

Awesome Joel!

Sep 14, 2012 10:39
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