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How to set "AND"-relations between words in the For statement


We are moving from SiteSeeker to EPiServer Find and have realized that in one aspect EPiServer Find differ from SiteSeeker and most other search engines. That aspect is when a user is doing a free text search with multiple words most other search engines adds a AND-relations between the words thats been search for. For exampel if I search for the words [EpiServer Sitesseker Stockholm sushi] in google I get no results since there is no pages thats includes all of the words somewhere.

But if I use EPiServer Find and search for [Sweden Thailand] on the flyfind-page I get the results for Sweden OR Thailand

I wan't it to work as Google/SiteSeeker does, is there any magic settings I am missing or is it impossible?



Nov 05, 2013 21:47

I think what you are looking for is this: For(searchText).WithAndAsDefaultOperator().

It applies AND between all the words in your query.

Nov 06, 2013 9:45

I love when it is so simple, yes it might make me look bad for not finding it myself, but I can take that ;-) Thanks Simen!

Nov 06, 2013 17:42

The remaining question is why it is not default on find when it is on google, siteseeker and so on.

Nov 06, 2013 17:48

The answer to that is that it seems to be the most relevant default to use.

Google use AND beause they want to narrow the search for each term that you provide. When building a site search on your own site you usually don't have that much data and you also have the possibility to narrow the search using facets and filters which google doesn't.

Another reason is that when working with Lucene the standard operator is OR as well. So I don't really agree with you that AND usually is the default operator. I would say it is OR that is the norm except for internet search engines, google, yahoo... that doesn't have other narrowing possibilites available due to unstructured large data sets

Nov 07, 2013 10:30

Glad I finally found it..

Interesting that this flag is still not mentioned on the Find site documentation and search examples, I also used the internal search and no hits :-)

Dec 15, 2014 12:56
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