Filtering issue



I've just started using Episerver Find and having trouble understanding how it works.

I'm trying to filter RoomPages by their availability status.  

This is my code: 

 var results = query.Client.Search()
                .FilterFacet("test", x => _contentRepository.Get(x.PageLink).IsClosed())

And my extension method looks like this: 

 public static FilterExpression IsClosed(this RoomPage room)
            return new FilterExpression(
                x => x.AvailabilityStatus.Match(Rooms.Status.Closed));

This Match(Rooms.Status.Closed) does'nt seem to work since it returns Roompages with availability status open as well. 

Can someone enlighten me in what I'm doing wrong or provide a better solution for achieving this. 

Thanks in advance

Jun 25, 2015 16:18
 var r = query.Client.Search<RoomPage>()
.Filter(x => _contentRepository.Get<RoomPage>(x.PageLink).IsClosed())

While this returns 0 hits. 

Jun 25, 2015 16:28

You shouldn't fetch the page again in the filter statement. It should work by just doing:

.Filter(x => x.AvailabilityStatus.Match(Rooms.Status.Closed))


Jun 26, 2015 8:23
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