Creating best best; greyed out Target content local pages causing javascript error


We recently introduced EPiServer Find into our project and all is working fine except adding best bets specifying local pages.

When opening the dialog, everything is greyed out and when I hover over the pages I see the name, Id and the type. Except on 'type' it says undefined.
After clicking on a page, the browser captures an error in the console.

The store was queried with a [string] but the entity id is a [undefined]

I am currently running (planning to upgrade soon):

EPiServer Find

Any ideas?

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Have you tried the solution given on below forum thread?

Yes, I have tried to configure <clientResources debug="true"> in the web.config but cannot find anything that targets the issue I am having..
Also no errors found in the logfiles and no 500 responses from the network in the browser.

Just found out when I search the page and select the the result, it gets selected and I am able to create the best bet.
But not through the treeview. It is visible and I can drill down into each node but I when I select it, I get the error.
I can only select the 'Root'.

This is the configuration for the indexing, don't know if it helps (I cannot even select pages of type `FaqItemPage`):

indexer.Conventions.DefaultIndexOptions = () =>
   return new IndexOptions { IndexAllLanguageVersions = true, FilterContent = true, IndexRelations = false };

indexer.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<PageData>().ShouldIndex(x => false);
indexer.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<BlockData>().ShouldIndex(x => false);
indexer.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<ImageData>().ShouldIndex(x => false);
indexer.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<ContentFolder>().ShouldIndex(x => false);

       .ShouldIndex(x => true)
       .IndexingInContentAreas(x => true)
       .IndexingChildrenOnMove(x => true);

I have tried disabling it all and reindex but makes no difference..

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Is your site is multilingual? If yes then it might be possible that the root does not have a version of the specific language that you're editing.

Jun 11, 2019 14:26

Yes, the application is multisite and multilingual. I have tried preselecting the site and (master) language but it does not change the behaviour.

Please note; It is not a page I am editing but on EPiServer Find selecting an `best bet` page in the page tree.

Jun 11, 2019 15:33

While checking on this I found that this is a bug in EPiServer.CMS.UI 8.5.1.  I am not sure about earlier versions of Episerver but can you create a copy of your local instance and upgrade to some higher version(at least to EPiServer.CMS.UI 9.2.0) so that you can check whether it is a bug or some code issue on your local solution. Or you can reach out to Episever support about this.

Edited, Jun 11, 2019 15:51
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