Custom Auto Boosting Decay or page type or field


We're using Auto Boosting with Unified search.

Is there any way to only apply the decay to certain page types?
For example, it makes sense to decay "news" pages based on their date but not general information pages who's content stays relevant over time.

Or is it possible to set which field is used to calculate the decay? Then we could set a value only when we want the page to decay over time.

Oct 22, 2020 2:09

Hi Gareth, Have you looked into this?

Per document type 

You can set decay parameters per document type using Client Conventions

  .SetDecayParameters(new DateDecayParameters(TimeSpan.FromDays(60)));

This applies the decay parameter for document of the specified type and all sub-types. When you use per-type decay parameters, the default scale parameter (UsingAutoBoost()) is optional.

Excerpt from:

Nov 27, 2020 14:07

Thanks @dada,

unfortunatly that option doesn't work with Unified Search.

But I have found the solution to the second part of my question, which actually works out better for us as I can let the editors select which pages should and shouldn't decay, by overriding the SearchUpdateDate.

According to this page Unified Search | Episerver Developer Community "If you cannot determine a date value, the decay defaults to the middle of the range, by default 0.6."

From the above statement and my testing it looks to me like newer pages effectivly get a boost, older pages get decayed and pages without a date sit in the middle, which is perfect for our scenario



Nov 29, 2020 20:51
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