Changes in the model for this page type were ignored because its version



I have problems when trying to deploy code to our test environment. The code im trying to deploy is a hotfix on production branch, and because of that the version number is lower then the version number of current development branch.

In EPiServer Admin --> Page Type --> MyPageType I now have the have a warning... "Changes in the model for this page type were ignored because its version( is lower than version in the database(2013.7.2.0)."

Database has higher priority then code. So my new properties for the pagetype does not exist.

How can I solve this? Is there any way to make Epi Understand that I want to run the lower version number?


Oct 30, 2013 12:22
<p>To check the version number is by design to prevent that you roll back to an old version of the Page Type.</p> <p>The best way is to make sure that your build server (if you have one) always build with a higher version number no matter which branch it is. But I can understand the urgence of a hot fix.</p> <p>To see which content type model (code class) that is synced with the database you can look in the database.</p> <ul> <li>Open your database</li> <li>Go to the table&nbsp;tblContentType</li> <li>Look in the field "ModelType" and you will see something similar to<br /><em>EPiServer.Templates.Alloy.Models.Pages.ArticlePage, EPiServer.Templates.Alloy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null<br /></em></li> </ul> <p>Try to change the version part to something less than your current. I'm uncertain whether this value is cached so you might need to reset your application.</p> <p>Please try this in development environment first.</p>
Edited, Oct 31, 2013 14:20
UPDATE [dbo].[tblContentType]
   SET [ModelType] = REPLACE(ModelType, ', Version=x.0.0.0,', ', Version=y.0.0.0,')
 WHERE ModelType like '%, Version=x.0.0.0,%'
Nov 15, 2016 12:23

@Simon: I tried this, but I'm stilling getting warning messages, but it's complaining about some other version than the original one (and not the version I set the models to be).

Mar 23, 2017 10:26

Hi Anders,

I would check the version of your build in the AssemblyInfo.cs -> AssemblyVersion to match or be greater than the one your database thinks it needs, this isnt really a solution though.

To get a definite answer, you can run a SELECT on that table's ModelType field and see what versions are being referenced in there then replace with the version your DLLs are building under.

Hope this helps


Mar 23, 2017 10:37
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