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Upgrading to EPiServer CMS 7 ?


Hi Forum,

Are there any proper materials (Guidelines, Rocommendations, Plans...etc) about how to upgrade to EPiServer CMS 7 ?

I have been searching, But I couldn't find any good documents regarding how to plan and do the upgrading to EPiServer CMS 7. Therefore, Could you please help me out in this matter?

For example, If you want to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, then, You simply can go to: (, and you will easily learn how to plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

So my question is: Are there any good resources that help me to learn how to plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade to EPiServer CMS 7?

Thanks a bunch, and I would appreciate your inputs !

Feb 01, 2013 16:47

I don't believe there is. I have written a blog post about my experiences upgrading a site from EPiServer 6 to 7 that may be of some help.

In general I'd say that there isn't anything special you need to do in order to plan and prepare for the upgrade. Performing it may be fairly simple or quite a lot of work depending on the nature of the site. What I'd do is:

  1. Set up the site on my development machine using a recent backup of the database from production.
  2. Upgrade the site using deployment center.
  3. Fix compilation errors.
  4. Fix runtime errors.
  5. Create a copy of the database in production.
  6. Upgrade the copied database using deployment center.
  7. Create a new IIS site in production and deploy the upgraded code. (Using the copied database).
  8. Ensure everything works fine on the upgraded site.
  9. Modify host headers on the old and new site in production so the new site responds to the site's domain name.
Feb 02, 2013 19:03

On a similar topic I'm looking to upgrade a site from Relate 2 R2 to Relate 7 (along with CMS 6 R2 to 7). Does anyone have any guidance on this at all? I note that there is no option to upgrade Relate (any version) in Deployment Center (unlike CMS).

Has anyone managed this successfully?

Thanks in advance,


Edited, Mar 12, 2013 16:29


What is the best way to migrate content from properties that were created using PageTypeBuilder to new properties (that were created with DataAnnotation attributes)? 

(particularly interested in how to migrate from PropertyGroups to BlockContents)

Thanks in advance :)

Mar 29, 2013 17:18

Hi! Does anyone has any input on Romans question?



Jun 20, 2013 20:41

Since Blocks are created differently from PropertyGroups I don't think there are an official way to migrate these.


Each Property in the PropertyGroup are created as separate Properties where each PropertyName has the Prefix of the PropertyGroups name.

For example the Property called "MyProperty" on the PropertyGroup called "MyPropertyGroup" would be called "MyPropertyGroup-MyProperty".

Other than that, there is no difference between the Properties in a PropertyGroup and ordinary Properties except from the structural layer PageTypeBuilder provides.


Blocks are created as ContentTypes as well as PropertyDefinitionTypes and will have a completely different structure in the database.

For a brief explanation have a look at my blog post at


I would suggest that you created a migration tool that iterates through your Pages containing "PropertyGroups" and setting the values of your Block Properties with the values from your PropertyGroup-Properties.

Jun 21, 2013 0:54

:) Thanks Alf I will try that!

Jun 25, 2013 5:49
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